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How We Work?

Last Chance Group Homes is a structured independent living facility. We have developed a system by which individuals who struggle with mental illnesses and substance abuse issues are provided structure and guidance that support their recovery and personal goals within their living environment.  Here are some key functions and benefits that our facilities will offer.

Health and Wellness Plan

The clients will be able to develop skills to address and improve their individual health and wellness goals.

24 hour contact and support

The clients will have access to a source of support at all times.

Catered food

The clients will receive balanced meals three times per day. The clients will be able to learn what consist of health meal planning.

Leisure activities and regular outings

The clients will be able to engage and interact with the community, while being rewarded for positive behaviors.

On site fitness equipment

The client will be able to regularly engage in fitness practices and exercises.

Substance abuse and mental health recovery support

The clients will have access to navigate around in order to attend appointments and meet
needs. The clients will receive education on how to travel and receive proper support in the area of development, if necessary.

The clients will attend a program to receive treatment for substance abuse and mental health concerns. Additionally, the clients will be able to attend support groups or anonymous meetings for substance use problems.

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