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Max Auguste, owner of Last Chance Group Homes, LLC

Learning from life, being driven to reach my greatest height, and failing to fail are a few things that define my character. I have always been on the frontline knowing I was a person who can make a real difference in people—in the world. I am proud of who I am. I am proud of what I have accomplished, but this pales in comparison to what I am capable of. Throughout my life, I have done great things. I am made to do even more. My greatest contribution to society is my genuine honesty and my strong

desire to do whatever it takes to help the community rise up and beat all odds. I have face struggles and barriers for as early as I could remember. I have learned that my vision has to extend far beyond what I can see. This has always been the source of my



I have worked in many different types of facilities including, hospitals, residential programs, nursing homes, clinics, and group homes. I have been in positions as a certified nursing assistant, mental health specialist, and I am a certified behavioral health technician. For the last 11 years, I have worked amongst doctors, psychologists, therapists, nurses, case managers, social workers, and probation officers. Each opportunity I get, I am learning more and more about the field. I am exposing myself to different possibilities and discovering ways to integrate my knowledge and experiences so I can create more opportunities. Six years ago I had a plan to start a group home. I worked day and night to save the money. I worked two to three jobs at a time in order

to put myself in a position to have a group home.


The day I registered my business name was evidence that my time was near. In June 2018, Last Chance Group Homes, LLC made its first dollar. The reality that I was providing a service that will save people’s lives, while taking care of myself, my family, and the community finally set in. Getting here was not easy and at one point after being denied so many times, I started to question if my vision led me in the right direction. Nonetheless, I kept fighting and I stayed mentally strong and secure knowing that I could really make this happen. This made every obstacle I went through to get here worth it. This brought purpose to every sleepless night. I look at myself and I see an ambitious kid who grew up in Little Haiti and with an ounce of opportunity was able to become a business owner and a man who is working to become a change agent in the

community. In this moment, I can say with confidence that if the opportunity presented itself to do more great things, I will do wonders.

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